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Teaching English in Korea is becoming an increasingly popular and recommended experience for foreigners, and since many employers provide free airfare and housing with any 1-year contract, the relatively low annual salary of about 24k USD is quite easy to live on, with the added bonus of lower taxes.

Finding a teaching job in Korea is extremely easy, as English teachers are in high demand and institutions are often eager to hire any native English speaker with nothing more than a bachelor's degree in any major. However, finding the right teaching job will take some time and research. As with other jobs in Korea, teachers will often face problems with their employers, especially from private language institutes (hagwons). It is therefore strongly recommended that you ask your potential employer for the names and telephone numbers of current and former English teachers in order to ask them directly about the conditions.

Finding a Teaching Job in Korea

Finding a suitable teaching job is a good idea as long as you do the appropriate amount of research and have a true interest in living in Korea. In deciding where to work you should first understand the difference between the three main types of English-teaching institutions: Hagwons, public schools, and university foreign-language institutes. It should be kept in mind that private instruction is illegal, although prevalent.

Where to Apply for an ESL Job in Korea

While there are many websites online for job seekers to post their resumes and employers to post job openings, you may have to perform some painstaking research on each of the employers to make sure they represent a legitimate institution. As any employer can post an opening on these sites it is not unlikely to find a scam. If you do not want to go through the trouble of sorting through the job openings, a better bet may be to find a reputable recruiter...



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